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Hello, I’m Dyan Burgess. Author, illustrator and independent publisher. How to create your business book in less than 60 minutes - click on 'Contact Me Today' button to view video.

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  • D.I.Y. Tangled Patterns

    "Have you ever considered that you could get so much enjoyment by creating your own meaningful patterns to later colour in?”

    Many of us like to color. Many of us like to doodle. Creatively, Dyan inspires us to soar beyond our own imaginations outside the “normal box” and create our own images that can be colored or our own works of art. I have to be honest; I’ve loved to color since I was a little girl, not only for the enjoyment, but also for the relaxation. I’ve fallen in love with the intricate designs found in adult coloring books, taking me beyond children’s coloring pages. However, feeling destined to color and gaze upon others artwork, I never dreamed I could create my own. Dyan’s process is so amazingly detailed, easy step-by-step instructions that even a child could be taught how to create their own detailed designs inspired by the world around them. I found I could be a colourer as well as a tangler allowing the creative person inside me to emerge. I have been thrilled to find this inspiring book. I’m enjoying the opportunity to expound upon the meditation side of coloring by adding the relaxation of exploring my world, breathing in as I meditate and ponder, allowing the creative juices to flow while enjoying my own composition of designs all-the-while allowing for more enjoyment. I highly recommend for anyone who loves coloring, doodling or needing an outlet for creativity, or relaxation or relieving stress.

  • D.I.Y. Tangled Patterns

    If you're looking for a new, fun, and different kind of coloring book then you've found it!

    This isn't just a coloring book - it actually teaches you how to draw your own patterns to color in. Since getting it I've been creating my own tangled patterns within the book and I must say I've created some pretty ones! It's definitely brought out more creativity within me than just the normal coloring did. I absolutely love it!

  • Bake a (Business) Book

    "I was able to write the book while still running a business and family"

    I would never have completed the challenge of writing and publishing a book without Dyan’s encouragement, energy and enthusiasm. She provides an incredibly professional, efficient and knowledgable service to those of us who have a message to communicate. Dyan has become a colleague, mentor, coach, and friend and I would highly recommend her services to anyone wanting to publish a book. Dyan’s service made a task, that I thought I would never have time for, possible. I was able to write the book while still running a business and family. Thank you Dyan - it has been an extremely valuable and enjoyable journey! I look forward to writing the next one! Dimity, Brisbane

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