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Hello, I’m Dyan Burgess. On this site are lessons learned from processes in the independent publishing and visual note taking industries. For your FREE copy of How to Bake a Business Book - click on 'Contact Me Today' below.

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  • I would never have completed the challenge of writing and publishing a book without Dyan’s encouragement, energy and enthusiasm. She provides an incredibly professional, efficient and knowledgable service to those of us who have a message to communicate. Dyan has become a colleague, mentor, coach, and friend and I would highly recommend her services to anyone wanting to publish a book. Dyan’s service made a task, that I thought I would never have time for, possible. I was able to write the book while still running a business and family. Thank you Dyan - it has been an extremely valuable and enjoyable journey! I look forward to writing the next one! Dimity, Brisbane

  • I wrote my book four years ago and sent it to a editor to publish it.  They cut my book from 55,000 words to 17,000 words and in the process was no longer my work.  So I decided not to pursue publishing the book.  Four years later I was introduced to Dyan and now I have a completed book to which I have received incredible and humbling feedback on.  With Dyan’s support I have produced a book to which I feel is genuinely my work to which I am proud of.  Dyan has been an amazing, supporter, advisor and mentor through this process and produced a result that other couldn’t.  I am incredibly grateful to Dyan.   Matt Murphy, Melbourne

  • I’d felt stuck for years, not quite sure about how to go about writing a book. But without a book, I felt my business was not going to deliver on its potential.The idea of a book was forever in my mind as yet another thing I needed to get done, but never quite found the time. This all changed when I was lucky to have a friend give me of copy of Bake a Business Book by Dyan Burgess. Suddenly,  I saw how achievable my dream of writing my book could be. Using her Bake a Business Book Platform I was able to publish my book far quicker then I thought possible.  Perhaps, as importantly, I can now see that so many other ideas I have, can easily become future releases, by following Dyan’s model. Thank you Dyan.
    Susan, Brisbane

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