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Hello, I’m Dyan Burgess. On this site are lessons learned from processes in the independent publishing and visual note taking industries. For your FREE copy of How to Bake a Business Book - click on 'Contact Me Today' below.

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  • I’d felt stuck for years, not quite sure about how to go about writing a book. But without a book, I felt my business was not going to deliver on its potential.The idea of a book was forever in my mind as yet another thing I needed to get done, but never quite found the time. This all changed when I was lucky to have a friend give me of copy of Bake a Business Book by Dyan Burgess. Suddenly,  I saw how achievable my dream of writing my book could be. Using her Bake a Business Book Platform I was able to publish my book far quicker then I thought possible.  Perhaps, as importantly, I can now see that so many other ideas I have, can easily become future releases, by following Dyan’s model. Thank you Dyan.
    Susan, Brisbane

  • Dyan’s visual note taking allows ours guests to be present in the moment at our thought leadership functions. Our clients look forward to her effective one page visual mind-map summary following our events – essentially a keepsake of key thoughts and inspiration for executives and business owners. Kylie Lamprecht (Pitcher Partners)

  • Dyan captured conversations in a clear and simple way, producing visual outputs with an effective balance of words and images. Dyan’s practical, organised, and flexible approach built confidence that she was well-prepared for the engagement.  She worked well with the team to adapt to changing needs on the day, ensuring that optimum outcomes were achieved. Dyan welcomes feedback, and was keen to share insights to improve our work.  This collaborative approach delivered value well beyond the engagement. Marie-Claire, Brisbane

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